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Editorial Team

LetgoWe as people have the tendencies to hold onto things even when we don’t need them. We are naturally born hoarders that like to keep things with themselves and not depart from them. This has a lot to do with our instincts to safeguard our interests and save for future, we’re like ants that sometimes dont make sense. But often more than usual, we do end up drawing a line where we pick all our stuff and plan of dumping it somewhere like an attic and forget it forever , to be a problem for the future. Some of us better then the rest, put these items for sale, in something we like to call a Garage Sale, where you just throw your junk in your front yard and people just buy it off at dirt cheap prices, which again beats the point, if it’s cheap it holds no value, but if you’ve kept something for so long it definitely holds some value to you , allowing for a scope of actually a better sale. Thus the creation of LetGo. It is a platform that serves like a mediator between users that with to sell or even buy  used items. And more often than usual a good comes your way and it definitely does better than a garage sale.

Features of Letgo v2.2.2

The following are some of the features :

  • The application as a sign of increasing trust , requires sellers to post large and clear images of items on sale for the buyers to verify from.
  • It’s a no login application , where items are visible to them based on their location, making it a far more liberal app than the rest.
  • The application is available for download on Android and iOS devices alike.

How to download Letgo?

To download Letgo, click on the download link you will get below.

Download Letgo