Download Letgo v2.1.10a

Editorial Team

LetgoPeople nowadays like to keep their home as clean as possible and removing things that are not used anymore. Such things are stored in the storeroom. Rather than storing them and giving those things space, why not sell those products in Letgo? Letgo is an online site where a person can sell or buy used things at an affordable price. It not only benefits the seller but also the buyer, as both would get some profit out of it.

Features of Letgo v2.1.10a

There are a lot of features that Letgo has which makes it different from other competitive apps. Some of the features are stated below.

  • It has an amazing GPS location feature, which helps the seller to find appropriate buyers in the nearby locality. Even the buyers are able to find the sellers, selling the things which are required, near their neighbourhood which cuts down the shipping charges.
  • LetGo has a feature which can recognise the product from the photo and then place it or list it in the category that fits the best. It means that the seller does not have to worry about the appropriate category anymore.
  • There is also a chatting feature, which allows both the seller and buyer to chat and fix the appropriate price and the date of selling. It helps in creating a more safer atmosphere.

How to download Letgo v2.1.10a?

One can download the app from the provided button. Just click on it and install the app.

If you have some unused things in your house and don’t know what to do with it, snap a picture of the thing and post it in Letgo with a good description and an appropriate price and wait for the buyers.