Download Kijiji v6.7.1

Editorial Team

KijijiIn today’s competitive world it is difficult for a producer, manufacturer or dealer to introduce and promote its product in the market. Not just the quality of product or service, but also the way it is presented and introduced in the market is essential. And for this, the concept of marketing is introduced in the market for product and service promotion. And the major portion of marketing comprises advertisements. And in today’s world online advertisements has taken over the market and they play a vital role in the promotion of products and services. Along with what type of product and services are presented it is also important how they are presented.

Kijiji v6.7.1 is an online advertisement app that allows a user to advertise its products by which the interested buyers and sellers can trade with each other and agreed prices. Basically, it provides a platform for the users to trade their products and provide various types of services. Kijiji is a Canadian site and is available in various languages in cities of Italy, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United States etc. Kijiji app was initially released in 2005 and became popular in its initial years only. It attracts heavy traffic on its sites and was started by a small team of entrepreneurial employees. If you have a product that is no longer needed by you-you can sell it here and you can also purchase products from other people that they have offered for sale at mentioned prices. It is a sub company of eBay and you can trade new as well as used products here at absolutely free of cost. It also had added a messaging feature to their app through which users can interact with each other and negotiate the prices. Kijiji v6.7.1 also offers you delivery services at your doorstep.

Download Kijiji v6.7.1 for Android devices.

  1. Open the browser and search for Download Kijiji v6.7.1.
  2. Select the app, after that download and install the app on your device.
  3. Fill your details and now you are good to advertise your products.