Download Kijiji v6.37.1

Editorial Team

KijijiKijiji is by far the most popular online classified platform most used in the North American region of the world where you can post free online classified ads on your profile and get fair prices for your used products. Kijiji is included in the list of top 10 most visited websites of Canada and it actually brings three times the traffic of craigslist making it one of the most popular online classified platforms in the world and you have a very high chance of selling your used stuff on this platform for absolutely free of charge. You get many added features in this app that you get nowhere else such as free messaging service so you can connect to potential buyers or sellers for absolutely free of charge and work on the terms of the deal and transaction before meeting in person and this service is built into the original app and you don’t need a separate app to connect to the people who post ads.

There is no limit on how many adds a user can post on their profile and the ads will never lose traction no matter how many ads you have posted on your profile and the ads will be visible on the home screen of other users of the app who live in close proximity to you. It is advised for you to post photos and a good description of the products that you want to sell to the buyers have a good idea of the products that they are planning to buy. Kijiji is always open and is functional 24/7 and there is no downtime for the app so you can sell and buy products online for a reasonable price at any time of the day.

Download Kijiji v6.37.1 for Android

  • Open Chrome on your phone.
  • Visit this webpage.
  • Download Kijiji.
  • Wait for the app to install successfully.
  • Run Kijiji.