Download Kijiji v6.22.0

Editorial Team

KijijiKijiji is an online classified app designed for the North American region where you can buy and sell almost everything and advertise your products without having to pay any money for the platform. All the products are organized by the city and the region of sellers so it is easier for them to sell their product without having to travel and make transactions locally. You can buy all sorts of products from Kijiji ranging from electronics, clothing and all the way to land and real estate. You can also find job advertisements on Kijiji where you can apply and you can also post ads if you need to hire people. The platform is free to use for all and there are no limits on how many ads you can post on your profile, you also don’t have to pay any money to contact the buyers who are interested in your product unlike other similar platforms that make you pay for any contact made to you in order to facilitate the deal.

Kijiji was designed and developed in the United States but it failed to draw traffic in the country but it found success elsewhere and now the website is among top 10 websites in Canada and it draws more than 3 times the amount of traffic Craigslist brings. The two websites are almost identical to each other offering similar features and are also competitors of one another but the only difference that you will find Kijiji over craigslist is that it gets very little traffic from the United States and Kijiji has an extensive pets section where you can shop for any pet you want and then go to the sellers nearby which are often the breeders and buy the pet yourself without any hassle.

Download Kijiji v6.22.0 for Android

  1. Visit this webpage.
  2. Download Kijiji for Android.
  3. Wait for the app to install.
  4. Post free ads on your profile.