Download Kijiji v6.12.0

Editorial Team

KijijiKijiji is, Canada based, virtual buying and selling platform that allows its users to buy new or old stuffs anytime and to sell anything and everything, with just a few clicks. Available in every state of Canada, cover every city Kijiji has millions of users. It provides a platform for over a million ads from across the country in enormous categories such as cars, computers, housing, jobs and everything you can ever need. Such direct interface benefits both buyer and seller by eliminating the middle-man’s cost and making trade transparent and easy. The website provides with tutorials, articles, tips and more to make it convenient for user to understand site’s working and so they get an easy and friendly experience.

It helps us in putting our useless or excess stuff to reuse by giving a compatible platform to offer it to someone who may use it better plus seller gets to make some money right from his home. It connects us with people that live near us, who we can see and interact with easily, thus, making transportation a lot more convenient for both the parties involved. Also, buying party can see and touch, item they want to buy, in personal if seller lives just a few blocks away from your location, saving you from any misinterpretation or later damage.

It not only sells items but also services, such as, home decor, wedding planning, office interiors, technical support and more. It also has a lot of tips on family fun like games, gifts and treats. It guides one to understand how to enjoyably spend family time with your family. It, as well, share various articles on hobby one can have like stitching, crafting etc. With such vast base in services, Kijiji is one the Canada’s most reliable online trading platform and you can download its app to get easy access.

Download Kijiji v6.12.0 on your device.

  • Open your device and provide it the connectivity to net.
  • Click on Download Kijiji.
  • Install the app and sign up to enjoy its services.