Download Kijiji 6.6.0

Editorial Team

KijijiKijiji is one of the most popular Canadian advertisement services that deals in vast categories of products and services. It is an easy and convenient platform for buying, selling and trading of various goods and also provides valuable services. eBay is the parent company of Kijiji. Its websites are available in Canada, Italy, Taiwan, Hong Kong, United States etc. It is among the top sites in Canada. Initially, it started as a startup and soon it became popular and successful. Earlier the registration for users was optional but in Kijiji v6.6.0 it became mandatory for users to register for further go. New features and options and added in the latest version like messaging by which users can interact with each other directly in a convenient manner. It is facing a lot of competition from its rivals like Craigslist, Facebook etc., still, it attracts a good amount of traffic on its websites. Kijiji also provides a platform for various business opportunities and people are making good profits by dealing and expanding their business. Kijiji has expanded its roots all over the world and is taking advantage of economies of scale. Kijiji has also added a wallet feature to their websites to promote e-transactions and is a convenient payment feature, by which people can send and receive money from each other, all you have to do is just link your account.

Kijiji app operates as a network chain and it connects the interested buyers and sellers with each other so they can trade at agreed prices. Users can choose from a wide range of subscription packages and get the best deals for themselves according to their need and requirements. Finance options are also available for some products and services. Download Kijiji as it is an eco-friendly manner to recycle and reuse things.

Download Kijiji v6.6.0 for Android.

  • Now open your Android device and connect to a Wifi nearby.
  • Download Kijiji from your web browser.
  • Once downloaded you can start using Kijiji for expand your business.