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IMVUAre you into virtual networks? If you love to meet strangers online and establish friendships with them IMVU helps you with that with its avatar based social network that takes virtual social networking up a notch by creating a parallel virtual universe with users who are represented in it as avatars and their own world out there. IMVU can be expanded to Instant Messaging Virtual Universe and rightly so. In this virtual universe you can meet strangers from all over the world and establish relationships on a
deeper basis.

Features of IMVU 525.3

● 3D virtual social networking universe that helps you establish relationships with other users that are using it by creating their own avatars on it. It feels just too real with its options.
● Customize and create your avatars that best expresses you and helps define your interactions with other avatars.
● You can chat with your virtual friends and indulge in engaging activities with them and get a real life like experience doing shopping, hanging out etc. Options that have been provided on the app.
IMVU also has virtual money that you can use as a currency on the site to buy and sell things, earn credits and use its store.
● Customize your individual homepage, set up public and private rooms, create and participate in user groups and participate in the Community forums.
● You can play games with other users and pass your time there.
● Engage in meaningful, virtual relationships with them.
● Share the feel of building friendships and meaningful relationships.
● Make a living, sell items in IMVU by turning virtual products into real money.
● Supports iOS and android tablets, smartphones, PCs.

How to download IMVU 525.3?

To download IMVU and enter into an exciting virtual social networking universe click on our easy download link given below.

Download IMVU