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IMVUIMVU is an online met averse and app. IMVU members use 3D avatars to meet new people, chat create and play games. Users can make their own chat rooms and invite friends and family. They earn credits which can be used to buy house, clothes, vehicles and other things. The term IMVU is not an abbreviation for something  Rather, it is a complete name in itself.

Features of IMVU 525.0

IMVU has the following given features that make it a unique site.

  • Social Network- IMVU is a social network industry that creates a network among people. They can chat and play games. Chat rooms can be created along with family members and friends.
  • Credit points- Inviting people and playing games help earn credits such as promo credits. These credits are used by the users to purchase virtual items such as fashion items, furniture, cars, houses and other things. Promo credits also termed as Promotional Credits are given to members when they indulge into some Partner promotions and accomplish other activities that IMVU provides.
  • Virtual Catalogue- It provides it’s users a virtual catalogue. It has a wide variety of good including fashion accessories  pets, shops, furniture and 3D items such as houses, cars, garages, rooms, and others. It is the first app to provide a virtual catalogue fill of virtual goods.
  • Avatars- It makes the use of 3D avatars that can be virtually purchased by the users. The various 3D avatars allure the users to earn credits

How to download IMVU 525.0?

IMVU can be downloaded using the following link.

Download IMVU