Download IMVU 524.9

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IMVUIMVU is an online virtual space and website that was developed in 2003 by Danica Dumont and Eric Ries and has around 4 million users as of 2014. The site boasts of the largest catalogue of virtual goods comprising of more than 30 million items.

Features of IMVU 524.9

  • IMVU has developed its own currency in the form of credits and promo credits for its users. Item developers have been assigned their own currency called developer tokens which they receive when a customer purchases their items using the promo credits. Users can buy credits using their country’s official currency or through IMVU’s gift cards available in select retail stores.
  • Developers can convert their IMVU credits to their country’s official currency.
  • Fashion accessories, furniture and even 3D landscapes like clubs, homes, etc can be purchased at this app by the user using his credits.
  • Promo credits can be accessed by the user if they participate in the activities sponsored by IMVU or through partner promotions. Promo credits cannot usually be exchanged for actual currency or cannot be used to buy gift items. They are used to buy items from a developer which then converts into developer tokens for the developer.
  • Users can customise their home pages, participate in user groups, Community forums and also review Virtual products and also lets users chat in 3D and create their custom avatars.

How to download IMVU 524.9?

To access the app through PC, users can sign up after downloading the app from given link. Users are required to select their name, gender and their preferred avatar and submit their email address and birthday to successfully register.

Download IMVU