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IMVUIMVU is an online virtual shared space, created through virtual enhancement and representation of real people. The software is ideally referred to as a metaverse, with virtually enhanced reality. The application allows for the user to create and craft an Avatar, or a virtual representation of themselves, which then onwards is their virtual identity on the platform. The users of the application are enabled with avatars they create, and with them, the users can chat, message, meet new people and even play games. The application identifies as a platform for communication, and as a social networking program.

Features of IMVU 519.4

The following are a few of the many characteristics of the app:
● The platform is a virtual space created for the purpose of communication. The users use a customized avatar to interact with friends and meet new people across the globe.
● The avatars created by users can be really detailed, with more than 30 million items, that a user can own. The avatars can be fine-tuned and made to resemble the user, in a virtual form.
● The user base is huge for the platform, and owing to its popularity, the application had about 4 million downloads as of the year 2014.
● The IMVU application is mainly focussed on customizing the user experience to the needs of every user individually. Thus to compliment the avatars of the users, a unique form of emoji, that is WithMoji is featured in the application, to express more than just words.

How to download IMVU 519.4?

The platform is easily accessible to anybody and everybody, across the globe. Download it from below link.

Download IMVU