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IMVUIMVU which means Instant Messaging Virtual Universe is an online website. It was founded in 2004 by Danica Dumont. This app is mainly developed for meeting new people, chat with them, create and play games even. In 2014 it had four million active users and the current number is unknown. The number of employees working in this are twenty-three. Eric Ries is the co-founder of this website.

Features of IMVU 518.10

  • Many of the IMVU users are content creators. They create and sell the products in IMVU catalog.
  • Users can customize their individual homepages, they can even set up public and private rooms.
  • Users can create and participate in user groups and in the community forums also.
  • They can also give a review on the products that are going to be placed on the IMVU
  • Chat rooms are provided in 3-D, that allow users to create avatars which can chat
    and perform many different actions.
  • It is available for Windows, Android, and iOS, macOS platforms. Users need to download chat option on their desktop to keep in touch with family and friends.
  • Users can like, comment on posts, buy clothes, change display names, take pictures via Bluetooth with IMVU mobile.
  • There is provision to hear music mixes, buy stickers from the shop, arrange and buy furniture in the rooms and even select the themes for your chat rooms.
  • View feed posts, change display names, get badges cannot be accessed in chat software but can be accessed in IMVU’s web interface.

How to download IMVU 518.10?

Now enjoy chatting with your friends and creating avatars by downloading this. To do so click on the link given in this article.

Download IMVU