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IMVUOur interactions with our peer or friends and our acquaintances have differed in nature throughout history. With the changing medium and technology, the manner also has changed a lot. With social media and internet, the process of community and communication has completely changed over and is in majority performed digital, over one platform or the other, likes, share, tweets, right swipes are some of the actions we denote them as. This continuous process of ever-changing ways of communication has led us to open up platforms, each more unique and different than the previous ones and serving the same purpose equally. IMVU is one such platform where technology and the human need for communication have combined. The following are the features of the application.

Features of IMVU 515.0

  • IMVU can be used to create Avatars of oneself and interact and play games with friends.
  • IMVU is a social experience that allows the user to design the way and customize the manner their Avatar looks like.
  • The user can perform actions such as chatting, playing games, roleplay and so much more.
  • the application offers a high level of customizability for the user to adjust and tweak the manner in which their avatar or character appears. This is one of the key features of the application.
  • The application is alike a free sandbox system, where one can create any kind of life for their avatar.
  • The application makes a very interesting feature for the interaction of the various users of the application, that is, a user can communicate with other users while playing their avatar in 3D. This gives the users base a surreal experience, unlike and unparalleled by any other application.
  • The application is only available for Android devices and is free of cost.

How to download IMVU 515.0

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