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IMVUIMVU is an online 3D avatar based simulator that helps people socialize and interact with each other. Users can create and personalize their own animated emoji with the worlds largest virtual catalog.With over 100 million registered users and millions of active users worldwide,IMVU lets you live the life of your dreams!

Features of IMVU 513.2

  • Create a 3D avatar and design it exactly the way you want it to be.
  • Choose your own path,become whatever you want to with our specially designed roleplay system.
  • IMVU has the largest virtual catalog in the world, with over 30 million products in its database with content specifically developed for the game.
  • You can chat with people by entering in one of our chatrooms from all over the world in 3D as well as 2D.
  • IMVU can double up as a dating simulator and make your love life more interesting.
  • With a wide range of emotes and functions, you can share with your friends your current mood and your emotions.
  • Avatar can be changed anytime and you can easily make it look like you by buying items from the worlds largest virtual store.
  • Play various online social games with real people for unlimited fun.
  • Click photos, give poses,add filters and post photos of your avatar to get attention to make people talk.
  • Chat with strangers and friends using your personalized emoji called WithMoji.
  • Play everydayand get Daily rewards for free!
  • Get free credit by completing surveys in game and also for buying anything from the shop!

How to download IMVU 513.2?

Come live the life of your dreams ! Get IMVU from our website :

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