Download GroupMe v5.3.2

Editorial Team

GroupMeGroupMe is an efficient mobile messaging app. It is owned by Skype Technologies. The users can access this app by downloading the app and then sign up by making a user’s profile. The sign up can also be completed through Facebook or Twitter account. You can char and make group of any size with your contacts. It automatically sync the contacts in your phonebook. It is compatible to iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. GroupMe messages can also be sent as SMS. It also creates a platform to share photos, videos, locations. You can also create events and use personalized emojis while accessing this application. This is a very good instant messaging app to send private messages, create groups and send pictures, documents, web-links and videos. It is easiest way for group texting and have a chat with active friends.

Features of GroupMe v5.3.2 App

  1. It is compatible to every phone, computer and tablets as well allowing you to chat from anywhere.
  2. It is very good to create private chat room for small group.
  3. GroupMe can also be accessed through SMS facility of phone if its app is not there.
  4. It has exclusive emojis which add fun while messaging.
  5. It is a good place for direct messages, memes, GIFs, photos sharing, web-links, etc.
  6. It is easy to create profile on this app.
  7. You can search GIFs if you use GroupMe on iOS devices.
  8. Documents upto 50 MB in size can be shared easily through this app.

How to download GroupMe v5.3.2?

This application can be easily downloaded by tapping the link given below once.