Download GroupMe v5.0.1

Editorial Team

GroupMeGroupMe is one of the most powerful instant messaging App developed for android and it’s owned by Microsoft. Like any other multimedia platforms GroupMe provides various kinds of services. It is like a private chat room. you can have as much as you like and exclusively free. It is useful for keeping in touch in the coworkers, families and friends and moreover it makes the task of organizing things easier. It is available freely in any websites or store. It also works on SMS which is more reliable.

Features of GroupMe v5.0.1

  • Text messaging –GroupMe got updated on 11th June,2018. Its features include; text messaging regardless of any type of device the other person is using, it can be used in android, IOS and even in a Tab. Cellular data or WIFI can be used to make the communication happen. It enables individual messaging as well as group texting which helps the users to be aware of what is going on around.
  • Multi Media   messaging- It helps you to share videos, photos and documents through chat system and moreover notifies the user at the accurate time. You can either use the web version of the app or the app itself and also it can be connected to the user’s Facebook account.
  • Offline mode- One of the most interesting fact about GroupMe is that if the user is offline it automatically starts receiving SMS through your phone ensuring you does not lose any messages.

How to download GroupMe v5.0.1?

You can download GroupMe v5.0.1 here with this button.