Download GroupMe 5.26.9

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GroupMeGroupMe is a group messaging application, that allows the user to connect to people of their contacts and recognition. The application is based on grouping of individuals and is run with the help of social media like Facebook and Twitter. A user has to register with the application to become user, using mobile phone numbers, facebook and twitter account and the contacts of the user to find people on the app that the said user can engage in conversation with. As and when the app syncs with the contacts of the user, they can make groups on the
app of any sizes, with a unique number to denote every particular group.

Features of GroupMe 5.26.9

The following are some of the features of the application:
● The application has the availability of personal messaging but is focused on being a group messaging platform, that can create a group interaction and community. This feature and type of operation is one of a kind and allows users to benefit from it.
● The application has no limit to the size of the group to be created, which allows entire communities, or college batches or any kind of large groups to message on a single platform.
● The GroupMe app allows the user to hold power over what notifications they receive. The user of the application can switch off notification from a group, which does not cause for messages to stop, but no notification comes across.
● Other than that the application it can also be used to send pictures, videos, locations and create events. The application also has the availability of personalized emojis for users.

How to download GroupMe 5.26.9?

The application is the available cross-platform for Android and iOS devices. You can download it from the below link.

Download GroupMe