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Editorial Team

GroupMeConnectivity is one of the most important things these days, unlike before, where one would have to send letters and wait for days together no matter how urgent the matter was, to receive a response. This time was a very long time ago and with progressing time and technology, we have reached a time where most of the people are second away from having conversations with people across the globe. Through mobile phones and the internet, such levels of connectivity have been reached that every person carries a device right inside their pockets that connects them to the entire world of people and possibilities. This level of connectivity helps us the entire civilization, that is, to develop as a single unit that grows and expands it’s horizons. We are today at a position that technology today is being used to replicate one to one communication GroupMe being one of those efforts. The application is a social networking platform that allows a user to get in touch with people instantly.

Features of GroupMe 5.15.1

The following are some of its features:

  • The GroupMe application allows the user to connect with others using their email ids and mobile numbers to identify them.
  • This allows a level of privacy for people to not be approached by anybody or everybody. By limiting it to only the people you choose to share those pieces of information with.
  • The application is a multimedia platform, that is, it allows for sharing of multimedia, from pictures, videos, audio and so on.
  • The application allows the user to create groups and use them to get in touch with each other in a more practical manner.

How to download GroupMe 5.15.1?

To download click the below link.

Download GroupMe