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GroupMeGroupMe is a free messaging app that helps keep in touch with those who matter the most to them. A group can easily be created just by adding their number or even an email address be it friends, family, coworkers or teams. Anyone can chat with other group users even if they don't have the application installed on their phone. It is specifically tailored to meet every kind of device requirements and has a native app for the worlds most popular ecosystem namely, Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

Features of GroupMe 5.11.2b

  • GroupMe helps you group people from different scenarios of your life like work, play or friends. Create an unlimited number of groups and coordinate with your workers or keep in touch with your family and friends all from within a single place.
  • Works on multiple devices so you can easily initiate a chat from your phone and pick up where you left from your tablet or your iPhone or work phone.
  • The most impressive feature of this app is that the person in the group is not required to install the app. Just add them from your phone book and you are good to go. Chat with the group is also available directly over SMS.
  • It includes several other common features such as the ability to share videos, photos, like messages,
  • share location, custom emojis etc.
  • In case some groups get chatty, GroupMe has an options to mute or manage selective notifications so
  • that only the groups you care about ping you the most.

How to download GroupMe 5.11.2b

Get this indispensable app GroupMe here by clicking on the link given below.

Download GroupMe