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Google HangoutsAre you someone who is more into official work and professional meetings? If it is, then you can download the app introduced by Google called Google Hangouts so it will be an easy to use app for doing official work such as calling and meetings. You can chat through the app, send files like word doc, Excel or anything else to anyone who you are talking to. It is an easy app and you can simply download it through the link we are providing. In Google Hangouts, you can talk to different people and also do video and voice calling too. You can use emojis while talking too and the app is totally free of cost. One more thing about this app is that while making the calls to anyone or making video calls, you won’t be charged anything. But yes, you need a good internet connection to make calls and chat online. Everything will be saved and you can use the app for anything. For inviting people, you need to use gmail account first. Now let us see how can you download the app.

Features of Google Hangouts 2018.123.418.68

  • Google Hangouts is an easy to use app and everyone can use the app. You just need to have a gmail account.
  • You can make emojis while chatting with people.
  • You can send files including audio and video and other media file to anyone without any costs.
  • You can make free calls.

How to download Google Hangouts 2018.123.418.68?

Click on the given link and download the app.

Download Google Hangouts