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Google HangoutsGoogle Hangouts is an application helping users to connect to each other. It is a messaging platform developed by Google which can be downloaded for various operating systems such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. The application is provided free of cost and all its features can be used without any hidden charges. InterOS compatibility ensures the same experience across all devices. It is very well integrated with other Google services such as Google+ and Gmail.

Features of Google Hangouts 2018.123.418.50

Some of the features offered by Hangouts are:

  • Users can create an unlimited number of groups to stay in touch with family. work, friends or colleagues.
  • Google Hangouts allows users to host live talk shows and web seminars to easily reach a huge audience using its newly launched Hangouts on Air feature.
  • Integration with various Google services means you can easily connect to everyone around you.
  • Hangout users can also stream their video calls using YouTube.
  • You can talk, video chat or call for free any user in the world no matter where they are for free.
  • Conduct business meetings by mirroring your video call on large display or projectors using the trustworthy Google Cast feature integrated into the application.
  • Google Hangouts doesn’t require the user to enter a phone number to sign up. Just enter your Gmail id and you are ready to go.
  • Upto 15 people can participate in a video conference which can be used via the Group Conference People (in High Definition)

How to download Google Hangouts 2018.123.418.50?

Download Google Hangouts for free from the link:

Download Google Hangouts