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Google HangoutsGoogle Hangouts is an app made by Google for chatting and video/voice calling. If you are a Gmail user, you must be knowing that there is a small window which appears in the right side if we initiate a chat with someone using our gmail. It is the Google Hangout chats basically. Later, the app was introduced early as people started loving it and they use to use the app quite often. For inviting someone on your Hangouts, you must know their gmail id and just invite. You can also share yours if someone wants to invite you. Once you invite and the person accepts, the chat will begin. You can also do the voice call or video call through this. Generally, people use the app for their business meetings. However, the app can be used for the personal uses as well. There are so many emoji available for chatting. You can also send the file while chatting too. The app is a recommended and trusted app as it is introduced by Google and it is also been used for years.

Features of Google Hangouts 2018.123.418.25

  • It can be used in any device.
  • Google Hangouts is the best app for video calling.
  • You need just internet data to run the app.
  • You can also share the audio/ video or other files.
  • You can also chat.

How to download Google Hangouts 2018.123.418.25

Click on the given link to download the app and start using it once you install it.

Download Google Hangouts