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Google HangoutsGoogle Hangouts is a cross-platform free-to-use communication service developed and designed by Google which includes features such as messaging, video chat and voice chat. For ease of communication, users can easily chat with each other irrespective of the platform or device they use. Being a Google product, Hangouts works seamlessly with popular Google services such as Google+ and Gmail.With Hangouts,Google wants to build a seamlessly unified communication service.

Features of Google Hangouts 2018.123.418.17

  • Users can connect with each others using the HD video call feature.
  • It is compatible with devices across various platforms.
  • Its built-in screen sharing facility allows your business calls to be mirrored on a large screen or display enhancing work productivity.
  • Google Hangout can work seamlessly work and integrate with other Google products and services.
  • It comes with intelligent muting system to disable the noise if you are talking to someone else.
  • Admins get custom controls over group messages and calls to keep things easy.
  • Users can call upto 15 people simultaneously using the HD group conferencing feature.
  • Provides 30 GB of storage for as little as 5 dollars and unlimited storage facility for 10 dollars making it one of the most affordable solution in the market.
  • Hangouts On Air lets businesses conduct live talk shows and seminar easily.
  • Companies can use Hangouts with popular business services such as Slack, Zendesk, Fresh service etc.
  • Hangout is integrated into some Google products as Gmail and Google+.
  • Google Hangout on Air allows Google+ user to stream video calls using YouTube.

How to download Google Hangouts 2018.123.418.17

Simplify your work chat experience by downloading Google Hangouts.

Download Google Hangouts