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Google HangoutsGoogle hangouts serves a great platform for the communication including texting, video calling, and VOIP features. It was developed by Google. Previously google launched google talk, google+ messenger (formerly huddle)  etc., Which were replaced by Google hangouts. Google called that it was designed to be the future of communication. Users get themselves attracted and can be messaged by their google+ accounts.

Features of Google Hangouts 2018.123.418.16

Since the arrival of Google Hangouts into the market its unique features astonished the communication world. They include

  • Hangouts can connect multiple users at a time for a conversation.
  • Gmail or Google+ accounts can allow online access to the Hangouts.
  • Hangouts can save the chat history of an user for allowing sync between devices and a watermark is used to mark the status of his chat reading.
  • It allows sharing photos while chatting by uploading them automatically into google+ private album.
  • User messages can be made more attractive by using color emoji symbols in messages.
  • Upto 10 users at a time can have the privilege of performing group video chat in the old version and its updated to 25 concurrent users in the latest version.
  • In order to avail video features, google chrome users have no need to install any plugin whereas for internet explorer 11 user must install “google talk plugin”.
  • Google hangouts provide mood stickers to make conversation more lively and joyful.
  • Location details also can be shared in vain using Google hangouts.
  • Google hangouts posess unique feature of archiving the chats based on the user’s need and wish.
  • Voice calls can also be done with more quality using hangouts.

How to download Google Hangouts?

Click on the link below the article to install google hangouts on your device and enjoy experience of chatting, video calling, sharing pictures and much more through vast filters of hangouts.

Download Google Hangouts