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Google HangoutsGoogle Hangouts is a communication application developed by Google. It helps the user communicate with people in their contact. The app is available worldwide and works on a global platform. It includes video chat, messaging, SMS and VoIP features. Google has compiled all its previous communication apps to create Google Hangouts. It includes GoogleTalk, Huddles and Hangouts. The app is a one stop solution for all your communication needs starting from SMS to video calling. The users can use their Google+ accounts to communicate through the Google Hangouts app.

Features of Google Hangouts 2018.123.418.14

  • Video calling- Google Hangouts allows the user to video call to the person they want to get in touch with.
  • Free of cost- The Google Hangouts app is free of cost and is available on the play store for everyone.
  • Easily accessible- The user can easily access the app using their Gmail or Google+ account.
  • Conference call- Google Hangouts can be used to make video calls to a large number of people at a single time.
  • Accessible on any device- The chat history on Google Hangouts is saved online so the user can access their chats on any device they want to.
  • Send and receive SMS- Google Hangouts can be used as a SMS application and can also be set as the user’s default SMS app. The user can send and receive SMS through this app.

How To Download The Google Hangouts App?

The Google Hangout app is free of cost and hence is available widely. However, the safest link to download the app is given below.

Click on the link to download the app.

Download Google Hangouts