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Editorial Team

Google EarthAmong all the apps of the Google, Google Earth is one of the prominent apps. This application let user explore the whole earth with top view. It is highly powered by advanced technology, satellite positioning and map search. It offers the world’s geographic knowledge on the screen of your device governed by the thumb tips. So, wherever you are, you can locate hospitals, restaurants, malls, schools, and other places with all required geographic information. It is the famous 3D atlas with satellite imagery. Google Earth is the popular software version of Google Earth mainly used for professional purposes. This version is interactive and safe to users. The map is not restricted to only top view. It can also be rotated to angle and can be zoomed in to see the image clearly. However, the visibility depends on the network connection of your device.

Features of Google Earth

  • Google Earth renders all types of navigation controls which include different angle view, drag and zoom in any location.
  • They have good graphics with animated shadows along with the landscape.
  • It displays 3D buildings and other estates for a realistic view.
  • It consists of imagery date information.
  • It supports all the conventional languages.
  • It has a simple user interface. You just need to type the address and zoom in to view the geographical location.
  • It allows the user to save and share all the searches and related information.

Download Google Earth

Google Earth is easy and safe to download by clicking on the given download box.