Download Google Earth

Editorial Team

Google EarthGoogle Earth is a computer programs that shows us the 3D representation of the Earth. The representation is formed on the bases of the satellite imagery. With the help of this program we can view cities and landscapes in all angles only by entering the address of a particular location. Google Earth is referred to as ‘geographic browser. The program can be found in three versions – free, pro and enterprise. Google Earth s available for most operating system, mainly Microsoft Windows 2000, Mac OS X, Linux, Free BSD and more.

Features of Google Earth


  • Navigation– A user can download the program onto smartphones or tablets and use the same for navigation purposes.


  • View photos- This feature allows the user to view photos added to Panoramio, information on Wikipedia and also on street view imagery.


  • Layers- The program has multiple features which allows the user to learn about a particular place, this is called layers. Layers include multiple forms of media such as videos and photos. Other layers include tours that guides the user between places.


  • Flight stimulators- A flight stimulator was added to the Google Earth. The flight stimulator can be controlled with a mouse or a joystick. This feature uses animation which allows objects like planets to animate while the stimulator is being used.


  • Liquid Galaxy- An immersive experience is created by a cluster of computers accessing Google Earth, this is the liquid Galaxy. The liquid Galaxy has been used as a Google street viewer using Peruse-a-rue which is the synchronizing of multiple Maps API clients.

How to download the Google Earth app?

  • Click on the link given below in order to download the Google Earth app.
  • Install the app, once the download is completed.