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Google EarthGoogle earth is 3D representation of Earth using satellite imagery through computer based programming. Various users can see the cities and workplaces at any angles as google earth maps the earth by superimposing satellite images, GIS data and aerial photography into a 3 dimensional globe. addresses and coordinates of the certain helps the user to search for the required data or using a keyboard and mouse in order to navigate .Google earth is also a Web Map service client.

Features of Google Earth

Google Earth, version of google earth was well known for it’s unique features. The features are

  • Google earth serves user with greater accuracy with the details of longitudes and latitudes.
  • It displays with 3D imagery which allows the user to have clear and perfect experience of what he/she have been searching for.
  • This app also concentrates on mini streets and roads with imbedded code to locate streets called street view.
  • Google earth displays correct location of water bodies like lakes, rivers, ponds, seas and oceans with blue colored indication.
  • Apart from these google earth have access to outer space called Google sky, Google mars and Google moon.
  • The main worth mentioning feature of google earth was Flight simulators which gives the data regarding timings and schedule of airlines over the region.
  • In order to provide detailed information about water bodies it has a feature specializing called Liquid galaxy.
  • Google earth has defense, national security and other concerns which makes it sensitive to nation’s issues.
  • Google earth also helps geologists, scientists and students to continue their research and study.

How to download Google Earth

Google earth can be downloaded in your PC or mobile by clicking the link given below the article. Download it and install it on your device and explore google earth.

Download Google Earth