Download Google Earth 5.1.3533

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Google EarthSatellite imagery and computer based programming allows the application of google earth to function effectively by providing all the geological and geographical information through 3D representation of Earth. GIS data, aerial photography, superimposition of satellite images help the user to see any place at any angles. Location coordinates like latitude and longitude number helps the user to find the required location by searching them in the search box of google earth or by navigating using mouse. It is also a Web map service client.

Features of Google Earth 5.1.3533

  • As we know the accuracy of the location is furnished through the input data of longitudes and latitudes, Google earth serves as best locator using coordinates.
  • Perfect orientation and display of the location searched through 3D display is the most effective feature of google earth.
  • Google earth’s accuracy of detecting locations is mainly driven through locating streets with the embedded code to locate streets called street view.
  • Geologists, scientists, students are served in many purposes through google earth in purposes of study and research.
  • Liquid galaxy is the main and worth mentioning feature of the google earth which helps to locate water bodies over the planet earth.
  • Apart from earth studies, google earth has access to outer space through applications like google sky, google Mars and google moon.
  • Google earth is displayed in various colored formats to locate the type of terrain available in the particular area like indicating blue for water bodies.
  • Google earth serves nation’s sensitive information guider to agencies like defense, national security and military etc.
  • It has feature of Flight simulators to give information regarding the status of weather and terrain for take off and landing of flights.

How to download Google Earth?

Google earth application can be accessed online or by clicking the link given below in the article. So click on the link to install it on your device.

Download Google Earth