Download Google Earth 5.1.3506 Beta

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Google EarthGoogle Earth’s geological and geographical information is completely provided by google earth application in 3D representation using satellite imagery and computer-based programming. The software embedded in the application allows the app to work more efficient. Any place on earth can be viewed by the user using google earth application since it allows the usage of GIS data, aerial photography and superimposition of satellite images. Accurate locations can be traced using the absolute coordinates or relative coordinates of the location in google earth. It also even contains a web service client.

Features of Google Earth 5.1.3506 Beta

  • Google earth facilitates the detection of exact location on the earth with the effective implementation of longitudes and latitudes.
  • 3D representation of the earth as a globe is the most astonishing feature of this application which creates more live experience to the user.
  • Street view mode in google earth application is the main feature of google earth which gives an accurate information in locating streets over the area.
  • Google earth even helps Geologists, scientists, students in order to ensure their purpose of research and study.
  • As earth is comprised with 75% of water, there is a need to detect it too. So the feature of LIQUID GALAXY helps to locate water bodies on earth.
  • Out in the space aspirants can use the feature of google earth of giving information about outer space through apps like Google sky, Google mars and google moon.
  • Colored areas makes a great impact on the user. So google earth’s interface is represented in different colors to denote different types of terrain and water bodies.
  • Google earth also gives information about the weather and temperature reports over the particular location.

How to Download Google Earth?

Click on the link given below in the article and explore the planet earth with most astonishing features by installing the application in your or PC.

Download Google Earth