Download Google Earth 5.0.14037

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Google EarthFed up of the boring 2-D map views of Google Map? Google has upgraded this to provide the users with the best 3-D map viewing experience with Google Earth. Google Earth is basically a geography and educational tool that helps the viewers to view Earth from all possible viewpoints and also can see how Earth looks from the space. We shall look more into the features of Google Earth and how to download it.

Features of Google Earth 5.0.14037

Here are a few features which make Google Earth be a step ahead from the rest map and geography

  • 3D View of Earth, Mars, and Moon- With Google Earth, you can now not only see the Earth but also explore the Earth and Mars. Yes, you read it right!! What more, you can also navigate between stars.
  • Interactive Atlas- It is like a 3-D interactive atlas. So, all the tourist destinations like national parks, large cities and the wonders of the world are just a click away.
  • A Mini-encyclopaedia- It also gives information about the places or tourist destinations that you are viewing. What more, it also gives information like temperature, weather, etc.
  • Details- You can not just view the maps through Google Earth, but also the streets, buildings, trees, pictures, etc in 3-D.
  • Virtual traveling- You can travel to famous destinations around the world with just a click. This also helps as a good tool for education.

How to Download Google Earth 5.0.14037?

If you would like to experience the features of Google Earth, download it from here

Download Google Earth