Download Google Earth 5.0.14033

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Google EarthGoogle is known for its innovativeness. It comes with more and more advanced technologies every now and then. One day it announced Google Maps which allows you to navigate to a destination without getting lost. After a few years, it released Google Earth, which takes a huge leap from Google Maps. It has many features like real-time 3D imaging (you can actually see the top of the building where you stay, right in your computer screen). This is a new thing for the newbies for the world of IT and a thing to have fun to people who like gadgets. In this article, we shall look into the features of Google Earth and how to download it.

Features of Google Earth 5.0.14033?

Google Earth has the following features which make it the most popular geo-browser.

  • Multiple kinds of data- Google Earth not only shows you the location, traffic, and other such things but also gives information like ocean bathymetry, satellite, and aerial imagery, etc. So, you can get all the information about a particular place like population, topographical information, etc.
  • 3D imaging- It provides a 3D representation of the places on a map. So, you can actually visualize the particular place you are looking for. What more, you can also have an e-tour of any tourist places in the place where you are viewing through Google Earth.
  • Works on multiple platforms- It works on multiple platforms like Windows (XP, 7, 8, 19, etc) without any glitches. You can enjoy the features without any problems.

How to Download Google Earth 5.0.14033?

If you want to try the download link, then you need to click on the link and follow on-screen
instructions and then install the software. You can now enjoy the features of Google Earth on your
personal computer.

Download Google Earth