Download Google Earth 5.0.1389

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Google EarthGoogle Earth is a software and an app created by Google. The app allows the user to view a 3D representation of the Earth using satellite imagery. It was initially a computer program which went on the be created as an app too. Google Earth allows the users to explore and navigate the Earth by simply entering the address or coordinates of a particular location. The app also comes packed with a street view which helps the users to closely explore a street or location. Google Earth helps the user explore and also discover new locations by allowing them to watch closely.

Features of Google Earth 5.0.1389

  • Free of cost- Imagine going on a world tour completely free of cost? Google Earth makes this possible at the tip of your fingers. The app is absolutely free of cost.
  • Street view- This is a unique feature of this app which allows the users to have a zoomed in street view of any of their desired locations. This is made possible due to satellite imagery and other advanced techniques.
  • Tours- It comes with in-built tour options from BBC and NASA. These tours help the users travel the world without having to move out of their comfort zones. Moreover, it is made available at the tip of their fingers.
  • Search locations- It allows the users to search for locations by letting them enter any random coordinates. The users can search for locations without any hassle.

How to download Google Earth 5.0.1389?

The link to download Google Earth is given below. Click on the link to start the download.

Download Google Earth