Download Google Earth 5.0.1378

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Google Earth3D representation of earth is done based on satellite imagery and a computer program called google earth. This maps the earth by satellite images, aerial photography and GIS data on to a 3D globe. It allows users to see cities and landscapes in different angles. Apart from earth, planets like moon and mars are also available. By entering address and coordinates by using keyboard or mouse users can explore the globe.

Features of Google Earth 5.0.1377

  • It has high resolution which provides the users a clear picture of the address they have given. Measuring tools measure the area, radius and length.
  • Digital globe is which google earth’s imagery is displayed. The images are taken from a satellite or an air craft.
  • Not only important landscapes even cities and surroundings can be viewed in different angles at different scales.
  • It also has the feature that it allows users to zoom below the surface of the ocean even which is known as google ocean feature.
  • It includes exploration of mars, moon, view of sky from the earth’s surface and surfaces of many other objects in the solar system.
  • Google mars and google moon are the applications within Google Earth for the imagery of planet mars and moon also.
  • Flight simulators allow objects like planes to animate on the simulator. This simulator can be controlled with keyboard, mouse and joystick as well.
  • It can show the images related to nature, weather patterns, business locations, road maps, historical imagery and many more.

How to download Google Earth?

To experience the imagery of earth, download this by clicking on the link provided.

Download Google Earth