Download Google Earth 5.0.1375

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Google EarthGoogle has been the pioneer in creating advance and modern apps for your day-to-day use. Google Earth is one such app developed by Google. The app allows users to explore the world by simply using their fingers. Google Earth uses satellite imagery to depict the terrain and locations of the globe. The app also uses aerial imagery in order to help users explore cities and places from around the world. Google Earth was initially a software only for computers, but now is also an app available for mobile users. It projects a 3D image of the locations being searched by the users.

Features of Google Earth 5.0.1375

  • Free of cost- Google Earth is absolutely free of cost just like other Google apps. The app is a cost-effective way to explore the world without having to pay for it.
  • Street view- It has a unique feature which allows the users to see a 360° perspective of the location. The name of this feature is Street View and is one of the most popular features of the app.
  • Search locations- It allows the users imply search for their favourite locations from around the world. They can simply put the coordinates or the name of the location in order to look for it.
  • Cross-platform availability- It is available for all platforms including Microsoft Windows, MacOS and Linux. It is also available for phones and can be downloaded on the app store or the play store.

How to download Google Earth 5.0.1375?

The link to download Google Earth is given below. Click on this link to initiate your download.

Download Google Earth