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Google EarthGeographical and geological information regarding a particular-location
can be traced using the Google Earth application. This is the 3D representation of the earth as a globe with all the representation of terrain features. This works through satellite imagery and computer-based programs. Any location can be traced and can be viewed in any angle through the satellite functions. This is termed as the web map service client. Longitudes and Latitudes serve as the keys for detecting locations.

Features of Google Earth 5.0.1372

  • Apart from the geological and geographical information this app also helps to give information about weather conditions.
  • This app is serving the most sensitive issues of a nation through guiding military and national security agencies.
  • Colorful display of the 3D representation of earth’s features attracts the user to contact the app for needs.
  • All the information regarding water bodies is completely updated through the feature of Liquid Galaxy.
  • All the information regarding other planets can also be known from this application in an easy way.
  • This application is known for its accuracy in detecting the location of the street by pin pointed accuracy.
  • Latitudes and longitudes help in detecting the location of any particular area within less moments of time.
  • Thunders and storms occurrence are detected and informed prior through this application.
  • This app has access to many aspects of the field of study, research etc., which helps students, researchers and engineers etc.,

How to download Google Earth?

Discover the whole earth by installing Google Earth in your device. For downloading this application click the link noticed in the article and download the app in your device.

Download Google Earth