Download Google Earth 5.0.1358

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Google EarthThe earth is a small planet when compared to the giant planets like Saturn or Jupiter, or even the Sun. But with respect to our sizes as a specie, it is ginormous, and is home to over seven and a half billion of us. With how many ever years that have passed in the recorded human history, we have always been trying to explore the extremities of the planet and discover more of what we do not know about it. And every time that we look further, we find something more. And its almost like we can keep on looking forever. We have an entire study dedicated to learning about the Earth, that is Geography and it’s studies. But in the process of doing so, we not only learn of where’s  but also what’s. Mapping the earth is something that we’ve been doing for centuries, and right or wrong, it always was useful to us. With the sailing of ships in the sea, with ancient warriors like Vikings began the era of mapping. And even in the modern history, we’ve seen explorations and expeditions from nations for either mapping for discovering.And as time progressed we did what we do best, create. And with the growth in technology, we were able to reach a point that we can map the earth in 3D , as a sphere, a shape that it is. Google Earth is a application that has taken our desires to know about the earth and made it easy for the common people to access.

Features of Google Earth 5.0.1358

The following are some of the features of the application :

  • The application is a 3D map of the Earth, and provides you with street views of cities worldwide, including London, Paris, NewYork, and so on.
  • A Voyager feature is a addition, that gives you insights and tells you of stories of the places that you look at.
  • The Google Earth application is available for download on Android and Apple devices.

How to download Google Earth 5.0.1358?

Click the below given link to download.

Download Google Earth