Download Google Earth 5.0.1355

Editorial Team

Google EarthGetting bore? Why don’t you travel earth in your free time? You might have taken this as a joke, but this isn’t a joke. You can actually travel earth without going anywhere in actual. Google Earth is an app which allows users to travel earth and view all places in your device. It provides you a satellite image of earth with better pictures. It allows you to view your home and even the car you have parked in your backyard. This app is launched by Google and is available for free of cost.

Features of Google Earth 5.0.1355

Google earth has following useful features-

  • This app is accessible for free of cost. You won’t need to spend on it for using it.
  • It is available for windows, Mac, Linux, android and iOS devices.
  • You can view any location using this app.
  • It allows you to view the nearby locations.
  • You can turn off or in the layer feature.
  • This app can be accessed on phones, tablets and PCs. So, if you want to view it in big screen you can download it in PC.
  • It has a search option which makes it possible for you to go to any location using it.

How to download Google Earth?

You can download Google earth in your device by clicking on the link we have provided below. It will take you to a download page, where you can choose your device platform to initiate download.

Download Google Earth