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Google EarthHumans always have been curious about their surroundings and there has been a constant drive to better understand it. For doing so several efforts have been made in very eventful times. With theories and prophecies to actual sciences. Mapping was one of the more practical applications to this innate curiosity we possess. With explorers roaming the entire earth to seek knowledge about land and water and the regions unknown to them. With the introduction of technology, we took this endeavor to a new frontier and a much more advanced level of science. Satellites were this new advancement. Satellites made it possible for a man to map the entire globe and share information about it worldwide. Google Earth is one of the pivotal programs that allow us to maintain this curiosity. The software allows for the user to identify and locate any particular destination and even view it close hand.

Features of Google Earth  5.0.1352

The following are some of the features of Google Earth

  • Google Earth is a 3D mapped display of the entire earth, it can be used to locate any and almost every place you could think of.
  • The app provides a feature called the street view that lets a user, observe a 360° view of particular localities and areas.
  • The application boasts a wide collection of street views from cities all around the world, including New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam and so on.
  • An adventure mode can be triggered in the application, that allows the app to select any random destination for the user to look into and explore. The application is available for Android and iOS devices.

How to download Google Earth  5.0.1352

Click on the link given below written download Google Earth.

Download Google Earth