Download Google Earth 5.0.11733

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Google EarthGoogle Earth is a basic computer program that was created by Google. The software allows people to view a three-dimensional representation of Earth on their respective devices. Google Earth uses satellite imagery in order to form this 3D representation of Earth. Using this program, users can view cities and landscapes in various different angles on their private devices. The software is not restricted to desktops but has spread to mobile devices and tablets. The computer program is written in C++ and is available across all operating systems. With the help of Ariel photography, superimposing satellite images and GIS data, Google Earth maps the surface of the Earth.

Features of Google Earth 5.0.11733

  • Easy to use- Google Earth might sound like an advanced technology but the interface is very user-friendly, making it very easy to use.
  • View the world in various angles- The user need not restrict their viewing experience to one fixed angle. Google Earth allows the user to view the world I various different angles.
  • Placemarks-Placemarks is an interesting and unique feature of Google Earth which allows the user to mark important places that they have viewed and make notes about it.
  • Layers- There are various different layers that the user can choose from in order to enhance their viewing experience. Google Earth offers a wide range of layers and most of them are free of cost.
  • Navigation- Google Earth can be used to navigate around the world with the touch of your fingers.

How to Download Google Earth?

Google Earth is available easily and the link to download the software is given below.

Download Google Earth