Download Facebook v6.

Editorial Team

FacebookFacebook is one of the leading social networks where you can interact with everyone you know and socialize without having to meet them in person, post photos, status updates and much more on your profile and share it with the people you care about on this social platform. Facebook has become so popular that you can now find everyone you know on this platform and make them your Facebook friends, read their status updates and also talk to them on messenger which is an online messaging app by Facebook. You can also find your favourite celebrities on Facebook and you can like their pages to see all their status updates and photos that they post on their profiles. You also have the option to message them directly but celebrities rarely reply. You can also find your local businesses on Facebook and you can review them based on your experience and also read review of the places you want to visit to know before and how you will be treated.

The Facebook app is designed to reach a very wide audience so the user interface of this app has been kept simple yet useful at the same time and you will have no problem finding your way around the app to the page you are looking for. The user interface of the new Facebook app has been divided in 5 parts which consists of the homepage, your friend request, the newly added video page where you can watch popular videos that you might be interested in, your profile page that has also been added now as a section for users so they can access their profile with just a tap and the last section is your notification tray where you get all the notifications about your posts, where you’re tagged etc.

Download Facebook v6. for Android

  • Download Facebook on your Phone.
  • Locate the downloaded APK file and install it.
  • Run the app and connect with your friends.