Download Facebook v2.0

Editorial Team

FacebookEvery one of you should be familiar with this name and it don’t need any sort of introduction. Even the little lads are well aware about this social media app. Facebook v2.0 is the most popular and successful social media app that has millions of users all over the world. Every citizen of every country is aware about this tool and it is used by people of every age group. It is an American company which is based in Menlo Park, California. Facebook was launched in 2004 in the month of February by Mark Zuckerberg along with his college friends and roommates. All type of devices are compatible with Facebook such as PC’s, laptops, smartphones, tablets and many more types of devices. You just need a net connection to run the app on your device.

Facebook v2.0 is loaded with tons of features that are countless, it helps you to connect with your friends and family, to connect with someone you just have to send a friend request to the other person and in order to connect with other other person, the other person should accept your friend request. Facebook allows you to add new photos and update status on your profile, you can even like, comment and share your or someone else post. And if you have clicked a group photograph you can even tag your friends and family in that post. You can even manage your  profile privacy by going into the settings option. Facebook also allows you to save various posts on your device. It also offers various filters and editing options that you can apply in your photograph. People also use Facebook as a promotional tool as it a great and vast platform. You can also create groups and pages so that people can get easy content of their liking.

Steps to Download Facebook v2.0 on your device.

  • Connect your device to internet to keep going.
  • Follow the link and open it in the device default browser.
  • Download Facebook through the link.
  • Now locate the app and install it on your device.