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Facebook LiteEveryone loves to use Facebook and it has become the part and parcel of life. Facebook application is there however, it takes much of the space of the phone. Also, it does not load all its data with weak internet connectivity. FB Lite is the solution which allows its users to access Facebook taking only 1 MB to download. It is 1.68 MB in size and it downloads all its data faster. It allows easy scrolling with somehow likely interface to authorized Facebook application.

It also works in 2G network. You can customize the settings easily to save more data. You can even switch to messenger like using Facebook lite. Even the app allows fast messaging service and other exploration. It provides all the basic needs of Facebook media media which a person needs.
It has toolbars which help you to look through timeline,friend request, messenger lite, notifications and searches.

Features of Facebook Lite

Facebook lite has become the best social networking application. Following are its features-

  • Its user interface is very easy.
  • It makes the post navigation easy and helpful to carry all the actions.
  • It leads the newsfeed and other media very easily.
  • The app size is also very reliable.
  • It makes the social connections. It has many features which really excites its users.

How to download Facebook Lite?

It is easy to download this application through our site in few seconds safely. Just click the link and get it downloaded.

Download Facebook Lite