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Facebook LiteWe all use facebook but because of some issues, some are not able to use the app. If you are new to it, let me brief you about the app. Facebook is a social media app through which one can talk to others, make new friends, get in touch with old friends, see each other’s picture and do a lot of things which makes the one connects to the world. The app is apt for everyone and making an account on Facebook is totally free of cost. You should have an email ID for making an account on Facebook and you can also link your account with your phone number so that in case you forget your password or something, you can recover it through your device easily. Most of the people use the Facebook App nowadays to use the app easily as it does not require login again and again. But due to its MB and high data capacity, people are not using the app anymore. But if you are also the one, you can use Facebook Lite which is a lighter and better version indeed. In this version, you do not need much space in your device. It takes far less space and less data and the rest of the features are just the same. Let us know more about the app here.

Features of Facebook Lite

  • Facebook Lite takes less data and less space.
  • You can use the app for socializing with the world.

How to download Facebook Lite

Click on the button and download the app now.

Download Facebook Lite