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Facebook LiteHaving trouble while using your favourite app Facebook? Out of Storage in your device? Then probably you need a new app. No, don’t worry, we are not advising any other app than Facebook. Get Facebook Lite. It is a new app from Facebook Inc, for those who are struggling with the storage of their device. The regular app of Facebook takes a lot of storage in your mobile and that’s why you have to compromise by removing other Apps. But, with Facebook Lite you will not need to remove other apps as it takes a very low storage of your device. It is merely of 1.2MB and thus can easily fit in small storage devices. The picture and videos also take relatively lesser storage than the regular app.

Features of Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite comprises following features-

  • It is a low storage app that is of 1 MB storage.
  • It doesn’t allow the pictures and videos to take high storage in your device.
  • It consumes less data.
  • It allows you to share and Like the posts, pictures and Videos like you do in the regular App.
  • The interface of this app is simple and similar to regular app.

How to download Facebook Lite

Want to have it right now in your device? Click on the link you will get below and download the app.

Download Facebook Lite