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Editorial Team

Facebook LiteWe all love social networking, and out of all the most favourite platform for all of us is Facebook. Isn’t it? Daily chatting with friends, watching videos, scrolling through feeds that’s what we do on our Phone’s on Facebook app. But, the problem comes when it takes a lot of storage in your device and because of that you have to remove other apps. What if you use Facebook daily on app but without consuming this much storage of your device? Yes, That’s possible. Facebook has specially launched an app for such users who are not able to use Facebook because of storage. The name of the app is Facebook Lite. It is a lighter version of the regular Facebook app from the company. It won’t take that much storage now, and would allow you smooth networking.

Features of Facebook Lite

Company has introduced Facebook Lite with the following features-

  • The first and foremost feature of the app is that it takes less storage and this is what it has been made for.
  • This app allows you to check your feeds like you do in regular app.
  • You can share Photos, Videos, Links etc here as well.
  • It will load pictures in less storage.
  • It is a free app.

How to download Facebook Lite

If you are worried because of storage too, then get the app from the below given link.

Download Facebook Lite