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Facebook LiteFacebook Lite is an application developed by Facebook Inc. to connect users who do not have access to cheap data or where there is limited connectivity. It specifically optimized for devices with low- end hardware and works even on EDGE. It is a very little fingerprint on devices with limited storages which makes it suitable even for use in rural areas.

Features of Facebook Lite

There are a variety of features distinguishing Facebook Lite from the regular app:

  • Takes very little space ensuring compatibility on low-end devices with limited storage.
  • Works in areas where there is no 3G or VoLTE. It is optimized in such a way that it can work even without internet if the service provider supports it.
  • Help find friends and families just like the normal Facebook app.
  • Users can upload photos, videos and even share entire albums using Facebook Lite.
  • Helps users find events of similar interests and respond to them. (Join or Decline).
  • It is enabling people in rural or remote areas to join Facebook even if they don’t have robust internet access.
  • One can follow his/her favorite celebrities, pages, artist or people.
  • Just like in the normal facebook app, you can comment on any posts.
  • The battery consumption has been greatly reduced to an extent so as to promote spending more time on Facebook.
  • The Facebook Marketplace provides a user-friendly way of selling as well as buying goods.
  • Fully featured notification means you will never miss out on the things you care about the most.

How to download Facebook Lite

Connect to people from around the world by downloading Facebook Lite from the link below:

Download Facebook Lite