Download Facebook Lite

Editorial Team

Facebook LiteFacebook Lite is an app which is made for those users who finds it difficult to use the normal and older app of Facebook. Now if you think it is something different app, then yes, it is. However, you can use this app in a same way you use to use the older one. But when you download Facebook Lite, it will take half of your storage as compared to the normal ones. Also, the data taking by the app will be reduced a lot so that in the end, you will be saving a lot of data. For example, if you use to give 1Gb a day to Facebook earlier, you can now use the same by giving just 100MB. Great, isn’t it?

Features of Facebook Lite

  • You can tag your friends in the post and memes you see on Facebook.
  • You can make a folder of your pictures.
  • You can also customize the privacy of the same.
  • You can socialize with your friends on the app.
  • It will save a lot of data of yours.
  • You can use the app without giving a lot of space.
  • You can do video calling and voice calling without spending money.
  • Using Facebook is totally free.
  • You can also make new friends and find your school friends there.
  • You can block the one who irritates you.

How to download Facebook Lite

For downloading Facebook Lite, no need to do something extra. Click on the button and get the app downloaded on your device.