Download Facebook Lite

Editorial Team

Facebook LiteFacebook Lite is made with a purpose of saving a lot of space and data in our smartphones. It is again a free of cost app which you can use in any smart device.

Features of Facebook Lite

  • Socializing- the main motive of using Facebook lite is to socialize with your friends and extended family. Be it a close friend or a long distance one, you can get in touch with anyone and everyone through this app. It is totally free of cost app and you can see what’s happening in your friend’s life.
  • Low data- The main problem we have heard of people using Facebook is that they have to get the data recharged very soon. However, this is not the issue with the users of Facebook lite. The app takes very low data to scroll the feeds. You will end up saving a lot of data by using Facebook Lite.
  • Low storage app- One of the other main reason to make Facebook L ite even after having Facebook is that the normal ones takes a lot of space for downloading and day by day it will keep on increasing the size of the app which might give you the low storage problem soon. But Facebook lite is extremely low storage app which does not take much space for downloading.

How to download Facebook Lite

For downloading the app, you need to click on the button given right here and download it. It is a simple process.