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Facebook LiteThe way we communicate with one another as human beings has changed over time. The common language has changed, and even the common mediums are now different. It all began verbally and then to script, which eventually made it into different mediums like telephone and telegraph, and only in the later years that this kind of communication was available in a digital manner. The digitization of communication was one of the biggest thresholds of this century to be broken, making the connection so much simpler than the previous methods. Now an individual would not have to wait for a week to receive their mail. It would be an email and it would be there in an instant. With this digitization, we entered a new age of communication, were one could reach one another in an instant and with ease. But people wished for more, and more was brought in by social networking websites, and Facebook proved to be one of the most successful ones. Facebook has since it’s inception made the idea clear, that Facebook is for everybody, and that it should be useable and available to everyone. In the bid to accomplish this, a Lite version of Facebook was launched and named Facebook Lite.

Features of Facebook Lite

The following are its features:

  • Facebook Lite is essentially just Facebook but as an app that consumes much less data. So one can keep enjoying the multimedia, connections and even games from facebook but in a more optimised manner.
  • Facebook lite is made for phones that require more space, as the app size itself is small. And also the data that it uses is far more limited than the regular facebook application.
  • The application is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

How to download Facebook Lite

To download the app click on the given link.

Download Facebook Lite